Expressluv Offers Variety of Flavors to India Delivery - Cakes to India

Chocolate Cake Delivery
Chocolate cake is a most loved cake of all time, there are rarely some peoples who didn't like chocolate flavor, sending a chocolate cake for any occasion will be the best option to make a party rememberable. 
Butterscotch Cake Delivery 
one from the best cake variety of flavors, you can send a butterscotch cake to India to add a spark to your birthday party. Send butterscotch to some cake lovers.
Black Forest Cake Delivery
the Creaminess and deliciousness of a black forest cake can win anyone's heart in minutes, send a Black forest cake Now.
Pineapple Cake Delivery
Pineapple cake is a flavor that can hold different opinions in different person's minds, you can hold your own opinion and send a pineapple cake to a pineapple flavor lover.
Vanilla Cake Delivery
Send delicious vanilla cake to your loved ones in India to make every occasion amazing with the deliciousness and freshness of the delicious cake.
Fruit Cake Delivery
Fruit cakes are a flavor loved by lots of persons, there is another space in everyone's heart and it places another place in someone's heart. Send a fruit cake to India with Expressluv.

Send cakes to India

Are you fond of cakes? Are you the one who starves for cake? Or do you know anyone who loves cake very much? If yes, then you can send cakes to that person with the help of us. And as you know Indians are very fond of cakes, so if anyone resides in India to whom you want to send cakes then it is possible with the help of us. 

But, are you confused about what type of cake to send to India? No worries, we have a wide range of cakes through which you can select to send cakes to India. So, are you ready to select the most appropriate cake for your loved ones? If yes, then let's peep into the world of cakes. 

Black Forest cake

Most favourite type of cake for people, and can be the most great gift to send. The mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavour will surely trigger the senses of the person and he/she will feel out of the world. And the decoration of the cake will snatches the heart of the person. 

Anniversary special black Forest

If you want to surprise your wife or husband who lives in India then you can send a special anniversary cake for him/her. Most perfect cake to send as he/she will jump with excitement. And black Forest cake is the favourite one. 

Butterscotch delight

A very awesome cake to send to India as butter scotch flavour is also liked by many and people will surely never forget the taste of the cake and the smell of the cake will not leave their mind. Perfect for people who love cakes. 

Birthday chocolate cake

If you want to surprise anyone on his/her birthday then I suggest to send this cake to India and make her/him feel happy. Leave a message on the cake "Happy birthday" and make her/him day memorable. 

Red velvet and black Forest mix heart cake

Do you know someone who loves red velvet as well as black forest cake? If yes, then send this cake to them. After seeing this they will be overwhelmed and will not forget the surprise. Most eye-catching and mouth watering cake. 

2 step wedding cake

Do you want to surprise anyone at their wedding? If yes, then give them this cake and feel the expression of joy on their face and make them happy and satisfied. Perfect to send cakes to India. 

Cherry black Forest

This cake I strongly suggest to send to India as black forest cake is loved by all. And the toppings are cherry which brings a smile on the face of people. Cherry is another thing which is almost loved by all. 

Choco swirl cake

A best cake to send as a chocolate cake triggers the feelings of the person and also is loved very much by an individual. The decoration of the cake is so awesome that you can't resist yourself from eating the cake. 

Angry bird cake

Do you want a child to make you happy? If yes, then you can make him/her happy by surprising him/her with the cake of an angry bird. Kids love angry birds very much and if he/she will see this cake he/she will jump out of excitement. 

So, for what you are waiting? Choose any one from the above list and rest leave on us. We will help you to send cakes to India to your loved ones. Delivery of cakes will be done on time and no complaint will be there regarding us. And as the starting of some special occasion is done by some sweet in India, so cakes are preferred most like in wedding anniversary, in birthdays, etc. 

Order the most suitable cake which you think will be the best for your loved ones in India. Don't look at the expenses as all cakes are available at reasonable rates. Just head on with the perfect one and book it. Expressluv will make all possible efforts to do your delivery and also helps you in picking the good cake which can be sent to India.